New Hampshire - Harlan Doherty

Ferris Wheel

I spotted the ferris wheel from a distance. There was a lot of activity with people walking up to get tickets for the ride. So, I waited until the foot traffic calmed down. Once the coast was clear, I setup the camera on a lowered Manfrotto tripod, and snapped a few long exposure photos with the goal of exploring a range of blurry shutter speeds. The settings are 19mm on 17-35mm Canon L lens, iso 100, f16 @ 1 second exposure on Canon 5DMiii. This photo was published in the September 6th 2015 issue of the "Big Issue North", through a partnership with the Open College of the Arts (O.C.A), a non-profit educational charity based in the United Kingdom. The "Big Issue North" is a solution to a social problem, and is a magazine that is published on a weekly basis. The goal of the "Big Issue North" magazine is to put homeless people back to work so that they can experience the socially rewarding benefits of industry.

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